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피망 바카라

At Harse Homes, our decades of design and build experience have taught us many things, including the fact that no two people, or two families, are the same. In order to achieve maximum fulfillment of your custom home or renovation, your home needs to be built uniquely for you. For your needs, your wants, and your lifestyle.

The largest factor in how pleased you will be with your new or renovated home will be who you have hired to design and build it. Our unique, personal design approach satisfies each client as they realize the enjoyment of a home designed and built to their taste - and most often, beyond their expectations.

About Us

Formerly operating as John Harsevoort & Sons Construction and Ideas Architectural Design, Harse Homes has been building better homes since 1980.

As a family-owned and operated company, we know the importance of the family home. We work on every home as if it was our own, and we personalize every home so that it meets the owner's individual needs - and exceeds their expectations. Our extensive experience in home design and building methodology have transformed the homes - and lives - of many distinguished clients throughout Southern Ontario.

Recent Projects
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